One Night, Two Secrets

One Night Series


Sex. Lies. And...
consequences to last a lifetime...

Heiress Scarlet O’Malley doesn’t do commitment, but when she finds herself pregnant after a hot hookup, she must find the father. What Scarlet doesn’t know is that Alec Velasquez was posing as his twin brother that night. Even more surprising, when she learns the truth and reconnects with Alec, she still yearns for his touch. Does she need to rethink never falling in love? Never say never…

This was a fun story.
Scarlet lives for drama, she is always in the tabloids and has her own reality show. Alec tends to stay out of the spotlight, except for one night when he took his twin brother’s place accepting an award. A one night stand between Scarlet and who she thought was Mo leads to a surprise pregnancy and plenty of drama.
I really enjoyed these characters. Alec is a good guy, who made a bad decision in not telling Scarlet who he really was the night they hooked up. But he really stepped up and wanted to prove to her that he really is trustworthy. Scarlet is a bit messed up due to her bad family dynamics so she really didn’t feel cut out to be a good mom.
She and Alec really learned a lot about themselves and each other throughout this story. I really like how it all worked out.
~Jean via goodreads