Space Cowboys

Amy Ella


Author's Note


I was born just before man walked on the moon and my mom has a 8mm film of me crawling on the floor while in the background the television was tuned to that historical Moon landing. From a very early age I wanted to be an astronaut.  It seemed fun, unfortunately for me you have to be really good at science and advanced math…something I’m not.


However, I am good a reading and researching and when a conversation with my editor about how ranching is a major industry in parts of Florida (the part where I grew up) turned to a what if…this series was born.  I got to combine two things that I love a lot in this series, space and the vast universe as well as ranching.  The series had to be set in Texas instead of Florida because all training at NASA takes place in Texas. 


I had a lot of fun writing this series.  


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