Gods of War

Gods of War is a three book series featuring the men of Ares Team.  They work for a private security company that provides digital security via their cyber analysts, body guards for CEOs, celebrities and dignitaries, and highly trained security teams who can cross borders without worrying about red tape of politics to apprehend criminals.

All three books can be read as stand-alone stories but are connected by the pursuit of Diavolos. A cyber criminal who operates outside the law and over borders.  No one government has the authority to go after him but Grimaldi Global can because they aren't a government.  In Dance With The Devil cyber analyst and former hacker Kaylee Thomas uncovers a link that leads them to identify Diavolos. In The Devil You Know Ella Cassidy must return to the sex ring of her childhood to help identify and lure Diavolos out into the open.  In Speak of The Devil Avery Porter is put between a rock and hard place when she's kidnapped to operate on Diavolos and she has to choose between saving his life and protecting her soul.

Each of these women fight side-by-side with the men of Ares Team as they fight their own demons and find love.


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