Sons of Privilege


Harlequin Books

April 1, 2016

A nanny. A single father. A love stronger than revenge? Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Katherine Garbera! 

Ten years ago, someone framed him for murder. Kingsley Buchanan lost everything, including Gabriella de la Cruz. Now the billionaire is back to settle old scores. But he must protect his child. Kingsley needs Gabi—as a nanny for his son. 


But Gabi is no longer a naive girl. She's a businesswoman with needs of her own. The only thing that hasn't changed: her hunger for Kingsley. But Gabi won't risk her heart on a man she can't trust—unless she can convince him that love is more powerful than revenge…



“Things are never going to be strictly business between us, Gabi.


The past is always going to be there along with that one question.”


Don’t ask.


Don’t do it.


“What question?”


Kingsley leaned in even closer, and she had to fight the urge to bolt away from him. But she wouldn’t let him know he was getting to her. She had to stand firm. He was just a man.




He was more than a man. He was her own personal demon. One that she hadn’t exorcised because she’d never been able to see him as anything other than a hot fantasy. They’d barely dated before they’d slept together, and then everything had fallen apart.


She couldn’t let him continue to dominate every moment they had together.


“If that one night together was a fluke,” he said.

He leaned in closer. So close that she’d barely have to incline her head for their lips to brush.


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