Sons of Privilege


Harlequin Books

May 1, 2016

ISBN 9781488001734

Seducing his enemy's daughter may be the best revenge in this 50th Harlequin Desire novel from USA TODAY bestselling author Katherine Garbera! 

After being falsely accused of murder ten years ago, pro football player turned CEO Hunter Caruthers is finally getting closer to the truth. Did his coach frame him? The key to securing the evidence Hunter needs: seducing his coach's daughter, Ferrin Gainer. 

Hunter wants answers, he wants revenge…but soon he wants Ferrin most of all. Will his strategy backfire? For her part, Ferrin can't help falling hard for the legendary Hunter Caruthers. Until the full scope of his secret agenda against her father is revealed, leaving her wondering if what felt so real was only a game…

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“Will you have dinner with me tonight?”


She tipped her head to the side, pretending to think it over.


“I guess so.”


“You guess so?”


“You said it yourself. I’m used to classy.” She didn’t want to make this too easy for him. With that pretty face and muscled body, she doubted he ever had to work hard to get a date.


“Oh, I’ll give you classy, Ferrin,” he said. “You just wait and see. I’ll be back at six.”


“I’ll be ready at six thirty,” she said.


He threw his head back and laughed. “You’re a minx.”


Doubtful. But she was tired of the same-old, same-old, and Hunter promised something different.


“Six thirty, then.”


She led him down the hall and opened the front door, leaning back as he brushed past her. But he stopped and put his hand on her chin.


Dinner suddenly seemed like more than just a break in the routine. She suspected he might want something from her but that was okay. She wanted something from him too. A chance to remember she was young and single. Maybe make a memory in California that wasn’t laced with guilt and disappointment.


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