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Things are getting steamy in Charleston, SC.  My first single-title release from SouthernBorn is a reissue of my 2006 title The Ultimate Romantic Challenge.


Alexandra is super successful but sort of stuck in a routine that would bore even a resident in an 'old folks' home.  Sterling is just the man to shake her out of that rut.


I hope you enjoy this book.  If you're a reviewer there is still a chance to request the book via netgalley.


Happy reading!

Click here for an extra excerpt from After Midnight that features Lane Scott from my Montana Born books.

What's Next

Master Of Fortune has been reissued in a print anthology.  An Irresistible Temptation is in stores now.


Seduce Me Tonight is a repackaged version of a book I released in 2006 called The Ultimate Romantic Challenge.  I hope you will enjoy it, if you missed it the first time!  It's a pretty sexy read so if you like your romance on the sweeter side maybe skip this one!






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