ONE NIGHT series prequel

They’re the picture-perfect couple, but actor Seraphina Samson and race-car driver Lorenzo Romano have a secret. The engagement is over. They’re just playing a couple for the cameras until the right moment comes to announce their split. 


The problem: Sera likes the spotlight, and Ren wants something more real. But when a staged kiss on the red carpet turns into a night of pure passion, is a reunion in the works? Or is Sera still too busy chasing likes on social media to get a second chance at true love?


The door to the limo opened and she caught her breath as he climbed into the car. He wore a white dinner jacket that made his jet-black curly hair and deep olive skin seem even warmer. His brown eyes were framed by impossibly long lashes that she’d paid several makeup artists to try to recreate for herself. They’d never come close. And, of course, she loved his cologne.

She gave him a tight-lipped smile. “Thanks for making me wait.”

“I told you I didn’t want to go,” he said tersely as the door closed behind him.


Anger was the only thing that kept her from trying to convince him to get back with her. Pride was driving her to not beg. When he’d first broached the topic of breaking up, she’d asked him to reconsider, tried to get him to open up. But he wouldn’t talk—he was in the middle of the racing season and didn’t really have time to deal with, as he’d put it, “relationship nonsense.”


“Sorry you have to go to a nice dinner for a good cause,” she said.


“Me, too,” he replied, not acknowledging her sarcasm. “Remember, I’m leaving this weekend for Spain.”


“And remember, we have the morning show appearance the day after tomorrow for Organized Girls Run

The World.” Sera was a brand ambassador for the charity. “Do you need a wake-up call?”


“Nope. I’ll be there,” he said. “Are you still coming to the race?”


“Yes,” she said. “I’m going to do a pretaped interview about my book for the Spanish market. I can promote it while I’m there. Then I’m off to Cannes. I expect you to be there.”




During their tense back-and-forth about schedules, they’d arrived in front of the drop-off point for the red carpet. She took a deep breath as the car stopped.




“Is there any other way to be with you?” he asked.


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