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Now that the weather has turned chilly and I'm caught up on my writing deadlines, I've been enjoying catching up on my reading.

I'm late to the Sarah Morgan fan club and I'm both upset with myself for taking so long to find her wonderful books and sort of happy because I have a huge amount of her books to read. :)

This one has all the things I love about a Christmas story and it's sexy, sweet, emotional and a really good read.

Godiva's cute coat.

I mean, come on, this is the most adorable thing ever. One of the downsides to the chilly weather is that it is also very rainy and when se go outside poor little Godiva (she's a total diva!) needs something to keep her from getting wet.

But we love our walks and this cute little coat is just the perfect thing. I love it and so does she. After I put the coat on her she poses like she's waiting for me to take a photo of her.

My Mom and Dad

To be honest I'm loving them all the time! They are visiting for six weeks and we are having the best time. Here we are at The Cock Inn in Sibson. The pub was established around 1250. The ceilings are incredibly low and it has a lot of atmosphere.

My favorite thing to order there is the steak, onion and mushroom panini, but it's really more of a steak sandwich on a warmed up baguette than a panini. It's delicious!

My fall plants.

Yay! I have a basket of live flowers in front of my house. I mean mostly that's due to my mom who is really great with plants and I'm pretty sure once she goes home my house will once again resume it's reputation of a 'the place plants come to die', but for right now I have this beautiful potted fall plant in front of my house and I love it!

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