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Five For Friday!

***Updated to announce that Gale D. Sroelov is the winner! Gale, email me at kathy [@] katherinegarbera.com to claim your prize!

I have a new book coming out next week, I’m finishing up the book I’ve been working on this week and I’m home with no travel plans until mid-August. So I’m in a really good place. My kids are happy and having a good summer, my husband is enjoying his job and our little Godiva who had a health scare last year is acting like a puppy again. All in all I couldn’t ask for more.

So this week I thought I’d share some photos of these things that are making my heart so happy and host a giveaway for you!

1. CRAVING HIS BEST FRIEND’S EX…oh, my! The art department at Harlequin Books has gone above and beyond with my latest cover. I love it more than I can say. I’m one of those people who likes books with evocative images and I really think that this image captures the mood of my story perfectly. From the first moment Ethan walked onto the page I knew he was complicated. That the woman he wanted was just out of his reach and I understood that for him he wasn’t comfortable with it. I hope you will check it out. If you’ve been following my Wild Caruthers series for Harlequin Desire then you will get a glimpse of the other characters from previous books as well.

2. Velasquez Brothers. So my next release from Desire RANCHER UNTAMED is the first in a new family that I am exploring. This week I’ve been working on the second book in the series which features Mauricio one of Diego’s twin brothers. It’s a reunion story with lots of complications and I am having way too much fun writing this story!

3. Travel. I’ve been on the road this month, just back from Denver and the Romance Writers of America conference where I had the honor to participate in the Harlequin Books signing and sat next to debut Harlequin Desire author Kimberley Trouette. She’s was super nice and I can’t wait to read her book!

4. Family. Lucas graduated from the University of Reading at the beginning of the month and my most of my family made the journey to the UK to help us celebrate. I have always felt so lucky to have my large family and nothing has changed that.

5. Godiva! It’s been so warm and sunny here in the UK and that kind of weather makes all of us want to be outside and Godiva is no exception. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that I am letting her roam the backyard at least 3 times every hour. I should just give in and move my desk outside.

Now for the giveaway! Just tell me something good about your July and you’ll be entered to win an autographed copy of CRAVING HIS BEST FRIEND’S EX. I’ll edit this post on Monday and put the winner’s name on top.

Happy weekend!



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