The Dangerous Delaneys

The Delaneys of Last Stand, Texas


The Delaneys weren't in Last Stand for the battle never could miss a fight and afterward settled on a ranch which they ran for a while but they mainly used it as a hide-out for when they were outlawing (not sure that’s a word) and then during prohibition they started a still/stills on the ranch and started running moonshine which is when they hooked up with other not-so-law-abiding citizens and in those early hooch runs. Outsmarting the cops led to the current generation driving in NASCAR and the stills have given way to a tequila factory which they now run from and sell in Last Stand.


Cal Delaney (Callum) - 30 years-old born in 1989, graduated high school in 2007.  Cal really good at sports and competitive with Spencer McBride (Eve’s hero) and they always tried to one-up each other.  They found on the football field that they were magic as quarterback and receiver.  Cal went on to play pro ball for ten years and after a career ending injury he returns to Last Stand and finances a tequila company with his brothers.  OUTLAW TEQUILA – old wanted poster of their ancestors is the label, back has a small description of their outlaw relative.


Fin Delaney (Finnegan) 28 year old born in 1991, graduated high school in 2009. He’s always been good with cars and came up driving go carts and then transitioned up through the NASCAR ranks and JJ’s mechanic has come with him and is now his head mechanic.

Braden Delaney 26 year old born in 1993, graduated high school 2011.  He is the COO of OUTLAW TEQUILA. I’d like them to have a storefront in town possibly an old jail if that works.


The Corbyns of Last Stand, Texas

Hiram Corbyn came after the battle and established the first bank in the town. His descendants have all been bankers.

The Corbyn sisters of Last Stand are known as the brain, the beauty and the bitch—man eater.  They might not always see eye-to-eye but when threatened they always have each other's back.  They have been known to frequent the Last Stand Saloon and if some of guys are hitting on them, they will hustle them in a game of pool.

Amelia Corbyn - 29 years old born in 1990 dropped out of high school when she was 16 and went to New York to become a model.  She has had a successful career as a super model and has returned home to start her own modeling agency and coach pageant girls.

Emma Corbyn – 27 years old born in 1992 graduated in 2010 town librarian.  Very bookish all her life. 

Delilah Corbyn – 25 years old born in 1994 graduated in 2012 head chef/owner  at a farm-to-table restaurant she’s known as a tyrant in the kitchen and takes no prisoners but her cooking is like mana from heaven. Her hero will probably be the owner of a pet treats bakery that opens up next to her store. 



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