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I shared some of the books on my wish list in my holiday magazine but I got something that wasn’t on my list and have really bene enjoying it. My kids and I have always read together. When they were growing up (they are five years apart in age) I’d read out loud to them and as they got older Coco would read to herself and I’d read to Lukey the same story and they’d we’d talk about them. I just love that reading and story telling is such a big part of the fabric of my bond with my kids. I’m rambling a little bit, sorry about that. The book I’m reading is one that Lucas got for me. It’s a called As Old As Time by Liz Braswell.

It’s pretty good and I’m enjoying all things Beauty and The Beast as I gear up for the new movie in March. I can’t wait. Have you seen the most recent trailer?

What are you reading?

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