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Five Things For June

I can't believe that June is almost over. I'm not just saying that because I'm working on a book due June 29! ;) But I wanted to share my Five Things for June.

1. iZombie. I realize that this show is in it's third season but the hubby and I just discovered it and we are limiting ourselves to a couple of episodes a night. We are on episode 8 of seasons one and right now I love it. It reminds me of Forever, which was cancelled after only one season. I still miss it! I love the quirky characters and witty dialogue.

2. Peaches. In the UK (maybe in the US too) they have these white peaches that are called donut peaches. Like I needed another reason to love peaches but adding the word donut certainly didn't hurt! They are sort of flat peaches and they are delicious. So perfect for June and even when the weather turns cloudy and rainy eating one reminds me that it is summer.

3. A Bride, A Barn and A Baby by Nancy Robards Thompson. I'm loving this story which is book 11 in Nancy's Celebration, TX series. Nancy's writing is so richly emotional and I just enjoy ever new book of hers I read. Nancy also has a delicious cocktail recipe to go with this book so check out her website for details.

4. Family. Lucas came home from University and I got to spend a few days with him before he jetted off to Florida. I can't wait until he was back home next week so we can have some fun "Mom and Lukey Time". That's what he used to call it when he was little and he wanted time alone with me. I love it.

5. My new covers. If you've been following me on social media you've probably seen my fabulous new covers for SUMMER IN MANHATTAN and BILLIONAIRE'S BABY BIND. I love them both for different reasons.

So that's it for me. What are your top five for June? Comment here and I'll enter you to win a copy of my Sons of Privilege duet from last year which includes HIS BABY AGENDA and HIS SEDUCTION GAME PLAN.

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