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Summer in Manhattan out now!

I can’t believe SUMMER IN MANHATTAN, is now available.

This is the story of Cici Johnson, she’s better with spreadsheets than she is with life. She first appeared in book one of my Candied Apple series, THE HOT COP NEXT DOOR. As soon as she and Jason Hooper met there were sparks but their best friends were hooking up and Hoop thought that it would be a bad idea to get involved. Realistically Cici knew he was right but he hurt her by rejecting her and two weeks later when she was at her cousin’s destination wedding she slept with one of the groomsmen and got pregnant.

I absolutely loved writing this book. I think Cici is one of my favorite heroines. I have been touched by the response from early readers. Donna Roberts called it, “A jaunty summer of love, commitment, and discovery.”

It’s available as an e-book today in the US/UK and worldwide and as a paperback on September 21.


I love to hear from readers! Please connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or via email.

Happy reading,


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