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Dance With The Devil, Gods of War #1

It's release day for the first book in my new series Gods of War. I haven't written a suspense book in about seven years, so I'm both excited and nervous. I like writing books that have a strong action plot driving them. The idea for this series came to me when I was watching season two of the Netflix/Marvel series Daredevil. The character of The Punisher is so broken and lives by his own moral compass. That kind of hero appeals to me on so many levels and I started thinking about a character born in violence. A man who only really feels comfortable when he is in control and when he is defending his principles. The idea sort of developed from their.

Here's a blurb for the book:

Kaylee Thomas escaped from Madrid, taking secrets with her that could get her killed. As an cyber operative for Grimaldi Global, Kaylee's single-minded focus is on tracking down criminals who use the internet to hide their identity. A survivor of cyber bullying, she uses her skills to ensure that no one can hide on the internet. Mick O'Halloran is a covert ops agent for Grimaldi Global and leader of the Ares team. Saving lives and protecting others is a way of life for him. But babysitting a computer geek sounds like a job better left for the boys back in the office until he meets Kaylee. Sparks fly between them as he takes her into protective custody until the facts she's uncovered can be verified.

But some secrets can't stay hidden and when an assisin comes calling Mick and Kaylee go on the hunt for the mole inside their group. It'll take every bit of her computer savvy and his lethal skills to keep them alive. Releasing the information that Kaylee has uncovered threatens to burn the world down around them.

Get your copy today!

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