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Five Quick Facts About Summer In Manhattan

I'm so over winter and craving summer--HARD! Here are five fun facts about SUMMER IN MANHATTAN.

  1. My heroine Cici is more comfortable with numbers because they are predictable and in real life things never work out the way she planned…like sleeping with one guy while lusting after another.

  2. Lucy, Hayley’s miniature Dachshund, is modelled after my beloved Godiva who spends most days sitting in my office on her chair. Lucy is a fixture at the Candied Apple Café.

  3. I love the Candied Apple Café and Manhattan so I immediately jumped into writing Iona’s story which takes place a Christmas. Iona’s match-making mother’s plans didn’t work out for her and she’s throwing herself into Christmas and planning the most magical holiday for her family, friends and of course the Candied Apple Café customers.

  4. During the writing of this book I drank copious amounts of Celestial Seasons Country Peach Tea which they don’t sell in the UK so I had it sent to me by the lovely Coco! Nothing says summer to me like peach iced tea.

  5. So at the end of Summer in Manhattan Iona finally gives in and agrees to let her mom set her up with a matchmaker…I have to be honest and say that I don’t think there is a formula to find the perfect mate. I think that it’s more fate or kismet, but I loved the idea of putting a matchmaker in there…and then I twisted it a bit. Check out Christmas At The Candied Apple Café to find out what happens with Iona.

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