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Five for Friday

This week I’ve been trying to force myself into a routine in the hopes of getting my story going. Normally, I write every day Monday – Friday and things go smoothly but this book just won’t cooperate with me. I think it’s a number of things, which leads me to my five for Friday list!

Lucifer. The fact that I started watching Lucifer over the weekend and binged season one. I love the show. Of course, Lucifer could totally be a Desire hero, don’t you think? I mean he’s a wealthy, debauched playboy who doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s just so yummy. So I’ve been watching 4-5 episodes per night and then dreaming about Lucifer and waking up not thinking about the book I should be working on. It’s a mixed-blessing really. J I’m not a huge tv series person so when I find one it’s usually after they’ve been cancelled which is the case with Lucifer. I’m so sad that I’ve now watched all three seasons but hopefully maybe with some divine intervention it will be picked up somewhere.

  1. Graduation. Okay, so many of you know I have two totally awesome kiddos. And my youngest is graduating from university in July. I’m so proud and happy for him but also a little bit sad for me—not sure sad is the right word but I miss the back to school stuff, the summer fun and all of it. On top of that most of my family is coming to the UK to visit for two weeks to help celebrate his graduation. So I’m trying to coordinate travel arrangements and plan fun stuff for our entire family to do. And let’s face it when the words aren’t coming, travel planning is a lot more fun than staring at a blank page!

  2. #30dayfitness challenge. I’m not sure if you can tell by my recent photos but I’ve been packing on the pounds while I sit at my desk writing or waiting for words to come as the case may be last week. I’m very stubborn and won’t just walk away from something I’ll keep at it until I get my word count, which is great for finishing books but not so great for fitness. I found this Instagrammer (is that even a word?!) who was a two-time bikini competition winner and seems very sweet in her Insta-stories but she is doing a 30 day challenge where you just have to work out for 20 minutes. The way I write is in ten minute sprints with a ten minute break in between and I’ve been using my breaks to do exercise.

  3. Reading. It is summer time so the days are longer and now that I’m done with binge watching Lucifer I’ve been loading books on my tablet and taking it out to my back yard on the days when the sun shines. I love sitting in the sun and reading. The last book I read is Teri Wilson’s The Princess Problem. She’s nominated for a RITA for this title and I can see why the judges loved it. It’s so lushly written and romantic. Like over the top romantic gestures that we all wish someone would make for us. I loved it.

  4. Google Home. My husband got this for us at Christmas and we have been having fun asking it to play songs we like and then seeing what the algorithm picks to play next. You can also get the device to turn on in different rooms and send messages to each other so we’ve been doing that as well. I am not a huge fan of technology usually because I just like things that I know and am familiar with but this Google Home, which I was all like we don’t need that! is a lot of fun and I’m really glad we have it. It will also convert cooking recipes from US measurements to UK when prompted which is a real time saver when I’m fixing dinner.

Those are my distractions for the week. I hope yours was more productive. Have a great weekend!


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