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Five For Friday

Hello, December! This year I’m trying to be more deliberate about how I spend my days and one thing I’ve made a priority is managing work and the holidays. I had a deadline in November and completely focused on that so I missed all the feels I love about autumn and Thanksgiving and I am determined not to let that happen with December. I hope you are enjoying this month too.

Here are five things I’m really enjoying right now.

1. Christmas ads that have all the feels. I am a huge fan of a ad that makes me son teases me about it, but I love it. Here’s one I saw this morning that is simply the sweetest.

2. Christmas cocktails. I’m sure this isn’t a surprise to any of you! So far I’ve made the Flat White Martini (the signature drink in ONCE UPON A TEXAS CHRISTMAS) and this weekend am going to try my hand at the snowball! It uses advocaat which I’d never heard of before but is a sort of egg nog. I’ll let you know how it tastes!

3. Special breakfasts. It does seem the time of year in my house where food takes center stage. My husband made breakfast for me the other day and it really set the tone for my entire day. Also if you are doing WW this is only 5 smart points and it’s delicious!

4. Christmas Movies! We have family favorites that we watch every year. There is something about watching them together and remembering Christmas past that is so heartwarming. Especially when we watch things like Rudolph and Santa Claus is Coming to Town. When my son was little he had the entire Rudolph play set and here is a picture he took one year.

5. All the lights. I don’t know why but I’ve always been obsessed with seeing the Christmas lights. I point them out to everyone who is with me, sometimes I take pictures and send them to my family. Here is a video I snagged of the Christmas tree outside the movie theatre this week. It was freezing since winter is around the corner but I couldn’t resist stopping to take this little Boomerang video!

Happy Holidays!


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