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The Moretti Arrangement


Moretti's Legacy

What was he going to do with Angelina?

Dominic Moretti knew he could fire his secretary--he was certainly within his rights to do so. What he really wanted, he realized, was to make

Revenge wasn't a noble trait, but she'd stolen from him. And he still didn't know why. All the time he'd trusted her, all the time he'd been fighting his attraction to her, she'd been plotting with his enemy. Yet now he held all the cards. He could do whatever he wanted with Angelina. And he wanted her to be his...completely.

And now he had the means to make that happen.

Hero: Dominic Moretti
Heroine: Angelina DeLuca

A sweet read, would recommend.' ~ Ephereon via Amazon



The Moretti Arrangement


The Moretti Seduction


The Moretti Heir

USA Today Bestselling Author

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