CRUSHED, my new release is the first in an edgy series I’m writing called Preach’s Boys.  It’s part of a bigger series called Sons of San Clemente.  My hero Heath Connelly is a former SEAL who is back home trying to decompress from being in the military and figure out what’s next.  He stumbles into a much larger problem and has to take justice into his own hands to protect the only family he’s ever known.  Readers, if you don’t like cursing and explicit love scenes then you probably should skip this book.  Con just isn’t a 'dang' sort of man.  He is raw and alpha and he talks like a guy who grew up rough on the streets.  But his loyalty to the men he considers brothers and Preach is real.  And his need to protect Mia is real.

I hope you have a wonderful autumn.

Happy Reading!

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