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Note from Katherine

What to say about this series...I wanted to write a billionaire bodyguard and thought it would be fun if the bodyguard was a woman. The entire series started there with Luna Urban and her boss Giovanni Price. I liked the idea of an elite group of bodyguards who made protecting others their life's mission.

Each of the bodyguards who work for Price Security have their own reasons for wanting to keep others safe. They have formed a family in their little group and always have each other's backs. As each of them takes a mission that tests them and pits them against lethal adversaries they rise to the moment and come out stronger and with a new partner in their lives.


Find Her


Bodyguard Most Wanted


Christmas Bodyguard


Safe In Her Bodyguard's Arms


It’s been too long since I’ve read a book by Katherine Garbera! Another awesome story that kept me guessing the entire time. Nick was a playboy, but after losing so many in his life, he learned to not form attachments. Luna was similar but for different reasons. I’m glad they worked as a team when needed. Definitely was not expecting the “bad guy” to be who it was.


Neat twist on a bodyguard story. Here we have billionaire Nick, who has survived many attempts on his life, and the female bodyguard hired to protect him. Nick feels invulnerable which makes him resistant to Luna's attempts to protect him. Luna is determined to keep him safe and it sets up quite the power struggle between them. Along with that power struggle are sparks of attraction that neither can deny.

~Susan Frank via Goodreads

USA Today Bestselling Author

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