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Note from Katherine

Welcome to the Space Cowboys. I was born just before man walked on the moon and my mom has a 8mm film of me crawling on the floor while in the background the television was tuned to that historical Moon landing. From a very early age I wanted to be an astronaut. It seemed fun, unfortunately for me you have to be really good at science and advanced math…something I’m not.

However, I am good a reading and researching and when a conversation with my editor about how ranching is a major industry in parts of Florida (the part where I grew up) turned to a what if…this series was born. I got to combine two things that I love a lot in this series, space and the vast universe as well as ranching. The series had to be set in Texas instead of Florida because all training at NASA takes place in Texas.

I really used a lot of my Florida upbringing in this book. My parents were friends in Hialeah where I grew up with a couple who were marine biologists and I think in my mind I romanticized that profession and used it in the second book.


Beyond the Limits


After Midnight




Pushing The Limits


Under the Mistletoe


One More Kiss


No Limits


In Too Close


One Hot Weekend


4 1/2 STARS!

No Limits is the kick-off to a new “Space Cowboys” series by Katherine Garbera that brings us on a venture into a world that we don’t read much about in romance … and it was fun!

Astronaut Jason “Ace” McCoy hasn’t been home to Cole’s Hill, Texas in 13 years. He left behind his teenage crush long ago to explore his dreams in the stars. Now he’s grounded due to some medical issues and heading to the ranch that he jointly inherited to try to get it sorted out before he is due back in Houston.

Molly Tanner hasn’t forgotten Jason in all these years, and she’s not overly happy her Dad put them both together by leaving them the ranch jointly. It doesn’t take long with them being around each other for that same old passion to roar it’s head and sweep them away. Can she ever be enough to hold his heart or will he forever leave her when space comes calling again?

Lynn Brooks via Goodreads

Great book. I'm a space nut myself and this is very believable.

Ace is left an orphan growing up and is sent to a ranch in his teenage years. This is where he meets Molly and a man he comes to accept as a spiritual father. He then leaves and joins the military and then onto NASA. After a mission he finds his 'father' has died and he must go back for the reading of the will. Prior to this he meets up with Molly and they find they are joint owners in the ranch. However, the ranch is having money troubles and they need to find a way to save it. Then Ace also has a complication from his last mission which he must over come or his career will come to an end as well. Then come the feelings Molly and Ace have always had for each other.

Very well written book and the characters are believable. The events which happen are realistic as well. As my husband and I spent time talking to a past operations commander, the way people and events happen in the story are spot on. I cannot wait for the rest of the series.

~Joanne via Goodreads

USA Today Bestselling Author

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