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Cinderella's Millionaire

Dynasties: The Barones



That was all Holly Fitzgerald would allow herself with the tall, dark and brooding CFO Joe Barone. Winning Baronessa Gelati's contest paled next to what she felt when the aloof Joe watched her with sexual desire blatant in his shrewd eyes.

While Holly had commitments, Joe had sophistication and wealth. He looked better in a business suit than any man had a right to. But his lover's touch freed her, and for the first time made her want something more. Like Cinderella, she'd forget the real world, forget caution and for once, she'd simply enjoy the fantasy. But as the clock neared twelve, Holly knew one night with Joe wouldn't be enough....


I love this book and the plot. Katherine Garbera knows how to tell a story that invites the reader into the story that is unfolding' ~ Kindle Customer via Amazon

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Cinderella's Millionaire

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