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Legends And Lies


Finally . . . a man who doesn't care who her family is

NASCAR photographer Annie Jenner is used to men falling over themselves to get close to her -- and her legendary racing family. But not Jared MacNeil. The picture-perfect tycoon and NASCAR sponsor loves Annie for herself. So why can't she quite believe it?

Maybe because Annie's twin brother is Jared's team's rival. And now with the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup on the line, her outraged sibling is saying anything to sabotage Annie's fledging relationship with Jared.

Jared knows he can't help who he's fallen in love with, and he wants to trust Annie. But when team rivalry turns ugly, will she really turn her back on the Jenner legacy?

The story line is fast around the track' ~ Harriet Klausner via Amazon


USA Today Bestselling Author

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