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One Hot Weekend


A legal affair?

Assistant District Attorney Sophia Deltonio is squaring off against hotshot lawyer and ex-lover Mitch Hollaran. Their scandalous case is the talk of steamy Florida. But it's the explosive heat the two of them generate outside of court that really rattles Sophia.

Or a passionate affair?

For revenge, she turns the tables and proposes a little fun side bet. If Mitch wins the case, she'll be his love slave for the weekend, ready to participate in all his deep dark sexual fantasies about her. If she wins -- he'll leave town pronto.

So why is Sophia hoping that for once her winning streak -- in court -- is over. And she can explore her own hot sexual fantasies with Mitch....

a fun, interesting story that starts off as a quest for revenge but quickly turns into one of love' ~ Josie82 via Amazon


USA Today Bestselling Author

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