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Sex With A Stranger


No Rules, No Strings...
Jane Monte is done with being a good girl. She followed all the rules, and look where it got her--divorced from a cheating accountant who cleaned out her bank account. Now she's got a new career, a new wardrobe, and a new attitude--she's going to throw caution to the wind while she's in Vegas on business, and have herself a steamy fling. She never let herself fall for a bad boy--now she wants to be a bad girl, and see what letting loose and having fun is all about. And sexy gambler Liam O'Rourke is just the kind of man who puts the "sin" in Sin City...

And Definitely No Clothes
Liam may look like a gambler, but that's only his cover story. A firefighter by trade, he's in town to investigate a string of fires in his friend's hotel, not to indulge his own desires. But he can't deny that the spark between him and Jane is a blaze from the moment they meet. If the gorgeous PR executive wants to learn how to be bad, he's happy to teach her every sensual trick he knows, as long as she understands that what happens between them has to stay in Vegas. But releasing Jane's wild side uncovers desires Liam never knew he had--and before long he's determined to keep the fire they've started burning forever...

Sex with a Stranger has some explosive scenes between Jane and Liam. Ms. Garbera paints a wonderful picture of the heat that Jane and Liam generate' ~ mnix via Amazon


USA Today Bestselling Author

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