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Tycoon for Auction


To-die-for executive Rand Pearson's time on the auction block was well spent, according to high bidder Corrine Martin. She needed an escort for company functions -- no strings attached. This emotionally scarred woman had no time for men -- even extremely wealthy and gorgeous ones -- and never expected desire to waylay her best-laid plans. But then she felt Rand's lips on hers, his fervent hands on her body. Suddenly business took a back seat to fiery seduction.

To Rand, Corrine was the only bright spot in a life darkened by a terrible secret. She'd agreed to an affair, but he wanted so much more. Could he persuade her to promote her "temp" to a permanent, lifelong position?

A heart tugging story that will keep you flipping the pages to the last' ~ Huntress (I hunt books) via Amazon


USA Today Bestselling Author

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