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What are you writing right now?

I'm currently working on my next Price Security Novel


What is a typical writing day?

I try to start work by 8 am. My writing room is set up to overlook our back garden which is lushly landscaped and gives the illusion that I’m alone in the world.  I always have music playing usually a playlist I’ve created for the book I’m working on. While I found talking distracting I started writing when I was a receptionist at Walt Disney World in Florida and can’t write if it is too quiet.  This also helped me develop one of my best skills for writing, the ability to utilize small pockets of time to produce pages.

The earlier I start, the more productive I am.  I’ve put in some all nighters while working on projects in the past, but I prefer to keep my writing to the daytime.  I usually work until about 11 am when I take a break and walk the dog. I’m back at it until 3pm and then I call my writing time done for the day.  That’s when I try to jump on social media and find out what’s been going on during the day.

You have collaborated on several projects. How does that work?

By nature I prefer to work alone, I like to be in charge of every detail! But over the years I’ve made some wonderful writing friends and collaborating with them has been a joy. We have created worlds together and since we are all such good friends it’s easy to dip into and out of each other’s stories and use characters that each other has created.

Do you write for readers or for yourself?

I start out always to tell a story that I want to read.  I guess in a way I am writing for myself, but I’m addicted to the process of storytelling and in particular the writing process.  I always have a couple of stories brewing in the back of my mind just waiting for me to tell them.  On the days when I’m not able to write either because of life or other obligations, I’m not myself. I’m cranky with my family and friends and just irritable.  I think it’s safe to say that I’m a much nicer person when I have spent time at my desk getting the words down on the story I am working on.

I’m always touched when a reader reaches out to me to tell my how my books have affected them.  It’s interesting sometimes how the book that I envisioned one way might have a slightly different meaning to my readers and I love discussing the books with them.

USA Today Bestselling Author

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