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Billionaire Makeover


The Image Project

After a makeover, he went from scruffy to spectacular…to wanting a little payback in the first book of Katherine Garbera's The Image Project series.

“Just smile and do that brooding-stare thing.”

For this makeover, good looks only go so far…

As CEO of Inferno Brewing, Dante Russo has quite the casual image. Now, with sudden celebrity, he’s forced into a makeover. In comes image specialist Olive Hayes—the same Olive who’d ruthlessly rejected him in college. Now the tables have turned and Olive is tempted by the man Dante has become. Will Dante go for a little payback…or take this sizzle more than skin-deep?

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

You’ll be swept away by this bold, sizzling romance, part of The Image Project series:

Book 1: Billionaire Makeover
Book 2: The Billionaire Plan
Book3: Billionaire Fake Out

Engaging characters and some angst set Garbera’s book apart from the crowd. Recovering mean girl Olive Hayes is trying her best to be a better person when Dante Russo hires her for a makeover. Olive doesn’t realize it, but her bad behavior in college caused him significant pain. Readers might take issue with how long Dante keeps the secret of their prior acquaintance, but Garbera never lets her character forget that he shouldn’t keep the secret. Side characters add much to the book without seeming like they only exist to be characters in future books. VERDICT In this first in a new series, Garbera (Secrets of a Wedding Crasher) balances an enjoyable love story with satisfying character journeys in a book that will delight romance fans.—Brigid Black for LIBRARY JOURNAL



The Billionaire Plan


Billionaire Makeover


Billionaire's Pretend Date

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