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Scandalizing the CEO


The Devonshire Heirs

The minute she walked into his life, he knew he had to have her. Ainsley Patterson was exactly the type of woman CEO Steven Devonshire desired. Business had brought them together, and they both had the same need to succeed. Why not tempt her with an offer she couldn't refuse?

But Ainsley wouldn't be won so easily. Her buxom-bombshell exterior hid a major grudge -- against the man who'd ignored the dowdy journalist she'd been. So if he wanted her, he'd have to give her the one thing he'd never given any woman -- his heart.

A fun read about ambitious career female and male lead characters who try to fit romance in their otherwise demanding workaholic career days with meetings, difference cities and travels.' Swan Romance via Amazon



His Royal Prize


Scandalizing the CEO

USA Today Bestselling Author

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