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Smooth Talking Texan


The Rossis of Whiskey River

He's her best friend, but she wants so much more...

Barrel racer Colby Tucker has never said no to her best friend and secret crush, Olivier Rossi. When the handsome and charming rodeo clown asks her to attend his brother's wedding as his pretend fiancée, she reluctantly says yes. This might be her last chance to either nudge Olivier into falling in love with her or finally get him out of her system.

Olivier's proposition to Colby was impulsive. But she's the one person in his life he could count on and—unlike his family—Colby never judges. But from the moment they begin practicing their parts, Olivier knows he's in trouble.Suddenly Olivier wants more than a fake relationship. But is Colby only playing a part or are her feelings as real as his?

Find out in the latest Rossis of Whiskey River novel by USA Today bestselling author Katherine Garbera.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️stars ! This is a sweet friends to lovers romance also throw in fake fiancée and it is a fun read that is a pleasure to read We have met the Rossis before and now with the wedding of Nico and Cressida coming up his mother is putting pressure on Oliver "Ollie" Rossi to also settle down. But the loveable rodeo clown wants nothing to do with that So he asks his best friend barrel racer Colby Tucker to attend with him as his fiancée to take the pressure off. What he doesn't know is that Colby has loved him for a while but won't risk their friendship but close proximity makes Ollie look at her in a whole new way could this be the start of something that isn't pretend at all You will have to read to see. ~Deb from Oz via Bookbub



Smooth Talking Texan

USA Today Bestselling Author

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