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The Pirate


The Savage Seven

They're the Savage Seven -- a ragged group of mercenaries who trust no one, risk everything, and get the job done, no matter what it takes...

J.P. Lazarus is an ex-Navy Seal who's parlayed his technical expertise into a lucrative and dangerous career. Laz has never lost any sleep over his choices, but then again, he's never met anyone like Dr. Daphne Barrett. She saves lives; he takes them. He changes his persona with every mission; she's straight as an arrow. His latest assignment -- setting a trap for Somalian pirates -- was risky before, but with the doctor on board his tanker, it's a matter of life, death, and off-the-charts desire...

Working in Africa for a summer seemed like a good way for Daphne to regroup after her divorce. But when her vessel is hijacked, Daphne's status as a senator's ex-wife makes her a perfect target for ransom. If there's one man equipped to protect her, it's Laz. But the more she learns about him, the more questions arise -- about the secrets he's hiding, the chemistry that feels too good to fight, and a future that neither of them can take for granted...

Suspense and illicit romance is the name of the game in THE PIRATE, Katherine Garbera's latest SAVAGE SEVEN romantic suspense. Daphne Barrett finds out that there is more to ship pilot Laz. Much, much, more.' ~ Natalie S via Amazon



The Pirate


The Mercenary

USA Today Bestselling Author

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