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Summer Reading!

My favorite part of summer vacation as a child and a mother was always the summer reading list. There is nothing I like better than spending hours in a bookstore searching out titles on the list and reading the back cover and usually sitting on the floor next to the shelf and skimming a few pages to see if the book hooks me. My kids are exactly the same. A long time ago when Walden Books was still in business they were a total genius at how they set up their shop. They had the romance section right next to the children’s book section in my local store. My kids could browse by themselves, something those independent stinkers used to insist on and I could do the same close enough to keep my eye on them while I delved into the latest releases and my auto-buy authors.

Here are the books that have made my summer reading list this year in no particular order. Some of them are new releases by my friends and I’ll be honest with you Eve Gaddy and Nancy Robards Thompson have never disappointed me as a reader or as a friend!

Shadow Keeper by Christine Feehan

The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan

What’s on yours? The Rick Riordan is an author my son and I have been reading since he was thirteen and we always try to read his latest to discuss.

Happy reading,


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