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One Night Gamble Release Date & Cover Reveal

One of the things that is so exciting about this new series is that I’m back in Las Vegas. I’ve brought my favorite kind of heroes bad boys who came up with nothing and have made a success of their lives, heroines who are feisty, smart and caring and plots that bring out the best and worst in these characters. I hope you will enjoy the ride!

Cover Reveal

I love this cover! I think its eye catching and conveys the story in one glimpse! What do you think?

Jokers Wild

I mentioned that One Night Gamble (Link to webpage) is the first in a new series that I’m launching this year with Entangled Publishing. There are plans for two more books featuring Casey’s partners in the Jokers Wild Casino. The second book will feature an illusionist—Nicholas Pine and the third book will feature Darien Mitchell an extreme motorcycle stuntman. I hope you will enjoy all the of the books in the series.


Here are the links to pre-order your copy today.

Are you excited? I hope so!

Don't Forget Once Upon A Texas Christmas is free!

Happy Reading!


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