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Billionaire Fake Out


Image Project

Her billionaire lover lied about his identity—and now she’s carrying his baby! Secrets and passion abound in this final installment of Katherine Garbera’s The Image Project.

“I’m not who you think I am.”

This superstar bad boy is about to blow his cover…

For six months, Sean O’Neill has been living a real-life romance with the image consultant for his next film, Paisley Campbell…while he lied to her about his true identity. When Paisley learns the truth, will she believe that what they shared wasn’t a celebrity stunt? And what happens when Sean discovers Paisley’s own secret—she’s having Sean’s baby! Will revealing their secrets drive them apart, or offer a second chance at love?

From Harlequin Desire: A luxurious world of bold encounters and sizzling chemistry.

You’ll be swept away by this bold, sizzling romance, part of The Image Project series:

Book 1: Billionaire Makeover
Book 2: The Billionaire Plan
Book 3: Billionaire Fake Out

What a fantastic way to finish off The Image Project series. I’m sad to see it go. This series felt like gold glitter, sexy Chicago nights and all the fun drama we come to Desire for. This third book focused so much on honesty and trust and comes really hits us early on how important any lacking of it will be a problem to our characters. Katherine front loads so much of the conflict which I appreciate but flawlessly keeps the secret from our hero as he and our heroine spend more time together and she gets the opportunity to get to know the Real him (never mind that he’s been Sexiest Man of the Year two years in a row! His time with her has been in disguise!)
Katherine’s writing in this series gave me the fun flirty Sex and the City vibes from her Blaze days, the Desire drama with loads of brown woman bad bitch energy and I adored it. Can’t wait for her next series!

~Bree via Goodreads



Billionaire Fake Out


Billionaire's Pretend Date


The Billionaire Plan


Billionaire Makeover

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