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There is something about November that makes me count my blessings. Probably because the calendar year is coming to an end and it's the last chance I have to breath before the beginning of the holiday rush. And though 2017 has been an odd year it has been full of unexpected surprises and things that have reminded me of how blessed I am.

I'm going to do a recap at the end of December so I won't go into all of the things but yesterday on Facebook at my author page I hosted a release party for Christmas At The Candied Apple Cafe. I saw Raeanne Thayne had done one for her release back in September and I thought it sounded like fun. So I did a few posts and then about 30 minutes before it was supposed to start I worried that maybe my readers wouldn't want to do something like that and no one would respond to the posts I'd written so I was talking to Godiva who being a dog wasn't exactly doing much other than wagging her tail and hoping I was saying something about a treat for her.

So my first post goes live and so many of you came and partied with me. We talked about family, Christmas carols and snow and I loved it. It was so nice to engage with you guys on social media. It meant the world to me. I really enjoyed it.

So thank you to every one of you readers. I'm so thankful for you.

Happy reading!

Kathy :)

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