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Gilbert Curse

I love fairy tales and wanted to do a modern version of the for a while. The town of Gilbert Corners was "cursed" years earlier when a car crash changed the lives of the three youngest Gilberts. Conrad was horrible broken and scarred, Rory was left in a coma (for ten years!) and Dash the prince charming walked away without a scratch.

They left the town after that night and it fell into disrepair. But then Indy comes to town determined to make it over and break the curse . She makes a bet which brings Conrad back to town and once the celebrity chef known as 'the beast' is there things start to change. The town starts to attract new businesses and Rory awakens from her coma.

I hope you enjoy these fairy tale based romances!

Price Security

What to say about this series...I wanted to write a billionaire bodyguard and thought it would be fun if the bodyguard was a woman. The entire series started there with Luna Urban and her boss Giovanni Price. I liked the idea of an elite group of bodyguards who made protecting others their life's mission.

Each of the bodyguards who work for Price Security have their own reasons for wanting to keep others safe. They have formed a family in their little group and always have each other's backs. As each of them takes a mission that tests them and pits them against lethal adversaries they rise to the moment and come out stronger and with a new partner in their lives.

WiCKed Sisters

From the moment I heard that Harlequin was launching a new line I was excited. The remit for it was to do something different which was something my muse was ready for.

It’s always scary to try something new, but having the chance to do something I hadn’t before excited me.

These books are connected and the characters are interested in things that I have always loved: books, journalling, manifesting, gaming, tarot, crystals, moon rituals, tea, baking and of course friendship and found family.

Image Project

I love a makeover story, what about you? I just like how changing a few things can make me feel like a totally different person.  Sometimes the makeover is physical (Dante!) but there is also the more subtle personality makeover (Olive).  Sometimes it’s a reputation (Delaney) and others it’s seeing someone in a new light (Nolan). Lastly there can be something more subtle and involves how you see yourself (Paisley and Sean).


This series is only connected through theme. In 2007 one of the popular romance tropes was the mistress. I loved the movie Gigi growing up. Do you know it? It seemed so romantic when I watched it and a part of me wanted to be a rich man’s mistress when I was about twelve. I do still like that fantasy and had a lot of fun writing these books.

Of course being a modern and independent woman I wasn’t full on writing about mistresses. In the first book Make Believe Mistress, Grace has a secret life as an erotica writer and plays out the mistress fantasy there. The second book Six Month Mistress is a reunion love story, years ago Bella had agreed to be Jeremy’s mistress for six-months now he’s back and ready to collect. The last book High Society Mistress where Tempest is refused a promotion by her father because she’s a girl so she goes to his rival and offers to be his mistress.

These books were a lot of fun to write, I hadn’t ever thought to write a series that was just one trope so exploring the same trope from different angles was interesting.

Liberty Investigations & Savage Seven

Holiday Heat

This is a holiday series that sort of encapsulated my favorite time of year Thanksgiving to New Year’s. The heroines are all trying to figure things out in this series that includes friends-to-lovers, vacation romance and enemies-to-lovers. Hope you enjoy it!

Destination Wedding

Nick Williams is marrying Adler Osbourne daughter of legendary country music singer Toby Osbourne.

Meeting, catching and marrying Nick is her ticket to respectability or so she thinks until a secret is revealed during their Nantucket Destination Wedding.

Adler won’t cancel her wedding. Nick is shaken. They love each other but this is something they are both going to have to deal with.

Texas Cattlemans Club

I love every time I get invited to write another Texas Cattleman’s Club book. It’s so much fun to work with other authors and create an on-going series.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on several over the course of my career and I love how much the TCC has changed. I remember when they added their first women members to the club! So much fun.

USA Today Bestselling Author

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