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This series is only connected through theme. In 2007 one of the popular romance tropes was the mistress. I loved the movie Gigi growing up. Do you know it? It seemed so romantic when I watched it and a part of me wanted to be a rich man’s mistress when I was about twelve. I do still like that fantasy and had a lot of fun writing these books.

Of course being a modern and independent woman I wasn’t full on writing about mistresses. In the first book Make Believe Mistress, Grace has a secret life as an erotica writer and plays out the mistress fantasy there. The second book Six Month Mistress is a reunion love story, years ago Bella had agreed to be Jeremy’s mistress for six-months now he’s back and ready to collect. The last book High Society Mistress where Tempest is refused a promotion by her father because she’s a girl so she goes to his rival and offers to be his mistress.

These books were a lot of fun to write, I hadn’t ever thought to write a series that was just one trope so exploring the same trope from different angles was interesting.

Note from Katherine

Make-Believe Mistress


Six-Month Mistress


High-Society Mistress



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