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Note from Katherine

I love fairy tales and wanted to do a modern version of the for a while. The town of Gilbert Corners was "cursed" years earlier when a car crash changed the lives of the three youngest Gilberts. Conrad was horrible broken and scarred, Rory was left in a coma (for ten years!) and Dash the prince charming walked away without a scratch.

They left the town after that night and it fell into disrepair. But then Indy comes to town determined to make it over and break the curse . She makes a bet which brings Conrad back to town and once the celebrity chef known as 'the beast' is there things start to change. The town starts to attract new businesses and Rory awakens from her coma.

I hope you enjoy these fairy tale based romances!

One Night Wager

Its Only Fake 'til Midnight

Falling For The Enemy




Gilbert Curse

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