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Note from Katherine

Have you ever noticed how falling in love isn’t something we can control? When I was a girl I used to imagine who I’d fall in love with and the reality was very different. Sometimes I think we tell ourselves we want one thing maybe because of who we hang out with or because of how we are raised but then one day someone walks into your life and bam! you start falling in love.

I think that most of us don’t start out trying to deceive or hurt someone by keeping secrets but there comes a point when the secret takes over your life. My dad (the smartest man I know) always says that once you start lying you have to keep lying. There’s no way back to the truth. In real life as well as in fiction this is so true.

I loved writing this series set in the fictional Hill Country town of Cole's Hill, which I had used in pervious series such as the Wild Carruthers and my Space Cowboys. The One Night series features the Velasquez brothers and each of the stories play off the others. It’s one of my favorite series that I’ve written.

One Night With His Ex

One Night, Two Secrets

One Night To Risk It all


Her One Night Proposal



One Night

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