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Five For Friday!

Happy Friday! Today's Five features my upcoming release CRAVING HIS BEST FRIEND'S EX.

Five Quick Facts About Craving His Best Friend’s Ex

Ethan Caruthers is the last of the Wild Caruthers. From the first moment he showed up on the page I knew he was in love with someone he couldn’t be with. So it took me a little while to figure out his story.

  1. Cole’s Hill is a fictional town that I created for my SPACE COWBOYS series. I needed a location that was close to Houston but far enough away to have ranches on it. The town has been featured in six titles so far and I’m planning more books set there.

  2. I love writing about brothers, I love the bond between brothers and good friends and use it a lot in my books. Even though I tend to write strong, alpha heroes, they usually aren’t lone wolves. They have their circle that they trust and everyone else is on the outside.

  3. I also had a lot of fun visiting with Kinley and Nate from TYCOON COWBOY'S BABY SURPRISE. They are both so stubborn so watching them negotiate being newlyweds is a lot fun!

  4. I wrote this book during late Fall and it was very cold. So I drank a lot of hot chocolate and escaped to the warmth of Texas in my imagination!

  5. At the end of CRAVING HIS BEST FRIEND’S EX, I tease you with a peek at Pippa’s story. She has been a lot of fun to tease out during all of the Wild Caruthers’ books. I have been dying to write her story and am excited to announce that RANCHER UNTAMED will be in stores in October 2018. Click here to read a teaser.

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I hope you have a great weekend. If you are on Facebook stop by my author page for a chance to win a copy of CRAVING HIS BEST FRIEND'S EX!


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