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The Wild Caruthers

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The Wild Caruthers bachelors are a spin off from His Seduction Game Plan. Hunter is the second youngest of the Caruthers and a bad boy whose reputation in college led to him being questioned in a co-eds murder.  He was never charged and went on to have a career as a wide receiver in the NFL but that reputation stayed with him until finally his name was cleared.  Nate Caruthers is the eldest of the boys and the one who stayed in Cole's Hill and runs Rockin' C Enterprises.  Derek Caruthers was always too smart for his own good and went off to college (pre-med) at fourteen and then med school.  He now a cardiologist with a reputation for being the best.  The last Caruthers brother is Ethan. The one who seems the most tame on the surface but hides a wildness the others can't even guess at.  He's an attorney and in love with his best-friend's ex-girlfriend.

Each of the books in the series stands alone, you don’t have to read the entire series or read them in order.  Unless you want to!

Note from Katherine

Tycoon Cowboy's Baby Surprise


Rancher Untamed


Craving His Best Friend's Ex


The Tycoon's Fiancee Deal


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