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Note from Katherine

Who are the newest Sons of Privilege?

Kingsley Buchanan and Hunter Caruthers are the newest Sons of Privilege. Born into a life of wealth and privilege they thought they were untouchable as the winning quarterback and wide receiver in college on the fast track to the NFL. But a frat party that left Hunter’s girlfriend dead saw them in jail, accused of murder and even though the charges were dropped rumor has it that it is only the wealth of their families that set them free. Both men are used to living in the shadow of scandal and infamy but will stop at nothing to clear their names even if it means sacrificing their future happiness. Can these two dangerous and sexy men ever find true happiness?

Find out in His Baby Agenda and His Seduction Game Plan this spring from Harlequin books.

His Baby Agenda

His Seduction Game Plan

The Greek Tycoon's Secret Heir


The Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition


The Spanish Aristocrat's Woman


Sons of Privilege

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